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Vitalize 2014!! Youth/Mentor Program still accepting youth!

Vitalize 2014 – Youth/Mentor Program

Do you know an outstanding Alberta youth volunteer aged 15-22? Reward their volunteer efforts with free registration for Vitalize 2014! 

The Vitalize conference is proud to support the growth and development of Alberta's young leaders by offering the Youth/Mentor Program. This program aims to generate inspiration and enthusiasm to further engage youth in communities and organizations across the province and provides complimentary Vitalize 2014 registration to an eligible youth volunteer.

Visit for registration and further information!

Through engaging and informative workshops, youth delegates will develop skills and strategies to take back to their organizations and communities and will have an opportunity to network with other youth, mentors, fellow volunteers and community and sector leaders.

Youth ages 15-22 attend the conference for free (youth 15-17 years of age must be accompanied by an adult mentor, who must be at least 25 years of age).

The Youth/Mentor program is limited to 100 youth participants and does not cover a mentor’s registration fee.  

Did you know it's Earth Day today?

Sometimes it's really hard to know where to start when tackling an issue as HUGE as the environment. I know i've felt like it's such a big issue there is no way i can make a difference!! Something i've learned along the way is that small choices made on a daily basis are what brings about change. Sooo you really can start making a difference, whether it's eating less meat, choosing to stop buying plastic water/pop bottles,  turning off the lights when you leave your room, walking instead of driving - you can help reduce your caron footprint and be a part of taking care of this planet!!

Here's some more information on Earth Day!

Volunteer Week is Upon us!

Guys! It's National Volunteer Week - are you excited? We are, there is so much going on and the AB gov't has created Volunteerville! Check out the website and tell your story, experience or feature someone you know is a volunteer extraordinaire!! It's really fun and such a cool way to celebrate how awesome volunteering can be!

Peep it!

VITALIZE 2014!! Youth/Mentor Program

As current volunteers and future leaders, youth play a vital role in Alberta’s nonprofit/voluntary sector. Vitalize 2014 is proud to support the growth and development of Alberta’s young talent by offering FREE REGISTRATION to youth aged 15-22 through the Youth/Mentor Program.

The Youth/Mentor Program aims to inspire youth volunteers with enthusiasm for their work and to help them consider a career in the nonprofit sector. This opportunity is limited to 100 youth delegates, so register early to avoid disappointment!

For more information, visit or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Vitalize 2014 - Thursday, June 5 to Saturday, June 7 at TELUS Convention Centre, Calgary. Register today at www.VitalizeConference.caimage002.png

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A bit of history...

AYV (Alberta's YouthVOLUNTEER! Society) was started in 2006 by some awesome peeps not unlike yourselves. They were looking to volunteer but couldn't find any information on how to do it. Being go getters they decided that Alberta needed an organization just for youth to help us find our own information and opportunities!  AYV is an organization run by youth for youth!